I have put various tools and utilities here, that generally dont need there own section because there simply isnt enough quantity...

If You download a Mass IMír Please do not go around randomly and pointlessly Mass IMíing people in Halsoft or any other chat program...

  • 32kb BMBP  Patches VP for 32kb Chatsends 16kb
  • Cen0-Navi My Attempt at a RoomRover    By Cenobitez 18kb
  • Cen0-Player My Attempt at a MP3 Player    By Cenobitez  8kb
  • Guide 7 A Room Navigator    By ?? 39kb
  • Macro Fable A Macro Maker    By ?? 54kb
  • Mass IMer A Mass IMmer    By ?? 14kb
  • MassterIM A Mass IMmer    By TheProphecy 55kb
  • MM IP Stealer Get VP Users IP number    Moshpunter 33kb
  • MP3 Codec MP3 Codec    By ?? 158kb
  • Pass Manager (Cool) A Rather Cool Toy    By Dummy  32kb
  • Ph34r Web Page / E-Mail Flooder    By Wizdum 50kb
  • Quick Links General Website Navigator    By ?? 60kb
  • Sim The best IMer Iím told    By ?? 500kb
  • Total Ignore Ignore AVs,Chats,IMz n People Totally    By ?? 37kb
  • TSA-Macro Lab A Macro Maker    By Wizdum 38kb
  • Virtual Supremicy A Client Side Creeper By ?? 178kb
  • Vulture Mass IM'r type thingy    By Deth 63kb

Identity Tools

I never really saw the point of these, untill i saw a certain aussie host in VP with the wrong ID and then i cool thats a good use, for hosts or klan members who use multiple IDís

  • Identity Maker  Makes IDís  31kb
  • Idenity Organizer 2.1  Helps you track your IDís  37kb
  • Identity Manager Helps track your Names and IDís  44kb
  • Identity Saver  Saves Multiple IDs  12kb
  • Vp Identity An ID maker    By Cal   44kb

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