VP Programs and Programming

  • Exobyte This is a huge resource site, it has it all.
  • Tech Junkee This have almost Everything VP / ICQ / AIM related
  • TheProphecy Programs This is a Coders dream, good progs n code
  • Nazgul Software The forums least the old posts will be helpful for VP programmers, u can always ask for help too, tho its not generally too friendly at the moment
  • KlassiK VP This site is on hold at the mo, but still has working links
  • 187 Juggalos Kevins site
  • Dead to the world Still going as strong as ever
  • Wicon Wizdums Site lotta code and AIM programd as well as VP
  • Vp Goodies Having a few problem but still going well..
  • Infexion Recently had a face lift...
  • MoUsE Industries Mouses own website
  • Max World Has a hella stuff here, u name it its here
  • Sept0rati0n General VP Tools (Old)
  • Dizzie Werld This site has come along way and well worth a look:o)
  • Skin Tek Loads of programs n stuff from Skin.lab
  • William and Beverly Productions Lots of AVs and things
  • Intervisions Tutorials, programming and designing, Music and Links
  • The Black Hand heh i almost forgot to add them, Go Forth NOW!!

AV and Paintshop Websites

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