I will be posting as much of the official Voodoo Software that i can get, this will at present be Upto 5 Versions of the Voodoo Client, 3 Versions of the Voodoo Skin Maker and upto 2 Versions of the Voodoo Server.. Exactly how many i put up will depend on me being sent the ones i am missing....

Please Remember to visit the Voodoo Home Page in order to get the latest versions, half of the clients will not work, due to protocol changes, only 1 server still works, but all 3 skin makers work and get progressivly advanced..

Voodoo Clients
Chat Client v1
Chat Client v2
Chat Client v3
Chat Client v4
Chat Client v5

Voodoo Servers
Chat Server v1
Chat Server v2

Voodoo Skin Makers
Skin Maker 1
Skin Maker 2
Skin Maker 3

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