VP Robot Source’s

These are the reason many ‘programmers’ that come from start to program, Here you will find Examples that use Winsock Wrappers like VPSock, Dummysock and other wrappers. There are also Raw Winsock examples which Wrappers like Dummysock are based..

  • Combustion The First Public Lagger Source    By Pr0pain
  • Spiders A Cool ass well wrote multi dummysock lagger.    By -Deth
  • Beetles Another multi-lagger    By -Deth
  • Leet Fux0r This is a Flash Booter + More    By eric
  • AV Theif A cool Av Stealer Bot    By -Deth
  • Kane An old TSA lagger type program    By Ed0
  • Sarah’s 5 Days A file lagger    By AcidX
  • Lil Nero A Lagger bot source    By ??
  • Liquifiied Bot A Bot By Liquified
  • Hook Bot This is cool, its Wizdum’s test bot    By Wizdum
  • Dummysock Example A Basic bot source    By ??
  • Multi Dummysock A Basic Multi-Bot source    By ??
  • Dummysock Room List Some Advanced DSock Code
  • VP Socker 5 A FULL VP client    By -Violent-
  • Dummysock Pal A Good Pal Clone    By -Deth
  • LopeVP A mini VP Client    By AcidX
  • Baboons Full Featured Bot    By Wizdum
  • Method Bot Dummysock lagger, lotta features    By ??
  • Muggle5 Prolly the best mug program ever made    By Wizdum
  • Bot2k A Bot example from theprophecy
  • Multi-Target Multi Target Bot Login   By Deth
  • PalXpress Leet0 Pal, shows how to use it to send REAL files

Multi-Tool Source

This is where the Terror in VP started, with Scrollers and IM bombers and Alert bombers, This is all the offensive weapons that people had b4 Direct Connection Bots came into play

  • Gimpdafied VP
  • Zips Tools
  • Burn VP
  • Wizdum Tools
  • SNFU Tools
  • VP Cobra

Filter / Firewall Source

This is where you will find the source code to VP Firewalls, many of the filters here can easily be modded to block anything out there today and made into the basis of a damned good filter.. Theres also a few other things here along those lines..

  • Fortress / Bastion Early Bastion/ New Fortress    By JX n Inty
  • Random 1 Good base for someone wantin to make one    By DLoD
  • Random 2 A much improved Random, Lots of potential    By DLoD
  • Thimble 1 The filter that started them all    By MoUsE
  • Cadmus A well featured filter, lotta stuff    By Wizdum
  • Cadmus Mini Full Protection, Less Features    By Wizdum
  • Citadel The flood gate that started them all    By Genocide
  • Antifreese Ultra The orginal game freeze block    By Dummy
  • Winsock Splitter Used to parse the data
  • Zips Ambush A basic IP theif     By Zipz
  • Proxide Make a VP room on your PC    By Sphyn

Room Busters

Many VP programmers look into and commonly make room busters, Its concidered a place to start..

  • Smart Buster
  • Genocide Buster
  • Advanced Room Buster
  • Room Changer+Buster

Misc Codes

This is where i decided to put all the misc codes for things like AV Flashers and Alert bombers and other things that dont fit into the above sections, If there is enough of any one thing in here i will make a new secoction..

  • Alert Bomber
  • Auto Av Flasher
  • Booter
  • Buddy Manager
  • Zips ID Manager
  • IM Sender
  • Enc Passy Grabber OCX    By KiZp
  • ID Stealer
  • IM Answer Machine
  • VP ini Handler
  • PCode Grabber   By Deth
  • Excitation loads of VP related code
  • MassIM A Mass immer source    By Mouse ?
  • Grab VP UID    By Deth
  • PVP Sign Up 1   Sign up accounts + other good code    By Dummy
  • Dummys Passy Stealer    By Dummy
  • Skin City Shows how to download and preview skins    By DLoD
  • File Wiz This used to be a remote file downloader    By Necro
  • Name God A New Account Maker    DLoD
  • Graphitti Bot An AV Stealer Bot in Winsock    By DLoD
  • Av Gallery Shows how to make a VP like gallery for ur app    By DLoD

Module Collection

This is where i will be placing Visual Basic Modules (.bas), There will be single modules and collections of modules dependin on how i find them and if i have time to sort them out.

  • VpMoUsE Does lots of VP Functions
  • String Manipulation Helps with strings
  • Winsock Splitter Splits the Winscok Returns for bots and filters
  • Module Libs A Collection of Standard Modules and Class Modules
  • Basic Modules A good start for any programmer :o)
  • Extra Modules This is a large collection of modules

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