I got annoyed looking for tutorials and finding that most of them linked to book reviews, dead links and long gone sites. I was even more annoyed that the few I found was loads of HTML pages like 20 page.

Cutting to the chase I started to download them all and save each page, but that was taking forever, so I looked at Off-line Browser's and after trying them all 2 stood out from about 10. My Favorite of the 2 was Web Reaper which is FREEWARE and Teleport Pro in close Second Place. You can Get Either from the Following Sites

Armed with a Website Ripper, I started making the tutorials for myself, but as people asked on various forums I decided to add it to my future plans for this site, and the more people asked the sooner I decided to add it. I then saw all the posts on Various Forums so I decided to add it to my future plans for this site, but its here NOW

Now I use Adobe Acrobat 4 as well to make PDF’s of websites which is much more efficient but people need the Acrobat Reader Available FREE from Here to view them

Finally, This website will only survive if their are enough visitors to keep it a priority, and people send me their tutorials or tutorials they found useful, I spend my time on the popular pages and slowly let the others die out, so please bring your friends to get their tutorials too.

This site is dependent on the Writers of the tutorials keeping writing so please visit the authors website where they have one, they may have more un to date tutorials or tutorials that I don’t have here.

Contributions to: tutorials@cenobitez.com

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