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xChat, Uplink and Halsoft News
26th March 2002

Well xChat is down but been replaced with Visual Worlds, but i am not gonna coer that, since i got nothing but hassle when i logged in... Deth is cool but his community and the people there suck ass....

Dummyworld as rumour has it is over as well, i heard that Blake (Dummy) has decided to stop work on the Dummyworld Server, i tried to check this out but got no feed back, however ParaDum hsi website is also down. so i dunno on that score...

Halsoft is still going strong altho many including the guide have said its rotting from the inside out... and slowly, having only been in for about 3 minutes i dunno, but its getting bad when trhe guides and the customers are complaining... However Halsoft is still getting almost as many customers as Excite Chat so they must be doing something right.... 


xChat, Uplink and Halsoft News
28th February 2002

I have spent the last few weeks looking around xChat and Uplink Chat, I found them both to be pleasent other than one Host in Uplink, who booted me about 3 or 4 times and sent me a 100 warnings but then she did give good phone after so its all good :o)

Anyway, each of the chats has a small following as it is, people are doing there best to kill the chat server belonging to Deth and Dummy and they are suceeding but as a new kill is used its fixed or being worked on... The sad part is they are using old kills that MoUsE made back in the day, they havent even made their own....

xChat Server: darkcor.dns2go.com
Uplink Chat Server: uplink-tech.cjb.net

There are roumours running rampant reguarding halsoft, the latest is calling it ‘HellShaft’ and saying that they are shafting the users, but alot of people are saying the opposit, so i dunno, They also are havi9ng problems with Trigger happy Guide’s too.....


I will use this section to keep you updated on VP (Virtual Place’s) based new, this will include Halsoft and Dummyworld and XChat and any any other VP Server that actually happen’s..

Well i’m told this is coming along well, and i even heard whispers that Deth has made his own Client too, a Full VP Client, so if he has suceeded, he will have A Working Server that is Backwards Compatable and A Client and All the source code too, this could turn out to be a very good option, my only problem with it is Whiskh0r

Dummy World is an old VP Server that Dummy (Blake) wrote way back, before anyone really thought the server was dead, it relied on the VPS messaging system to change servers and since Andy Removed them because of the rash of IP and Pass world grabbers, that used them.. So Dummy has started to work on it again, and its currently up and running and dummy is fixing the problems as they come up.

Halsoft (VP Chat)
This is a follow through from Excite VP run by Andy (Mouse) Ronda (Glezen) and Tom (Excitom), its Identical in everyway from what i gather only its having bot problems from the Guest Accounts....


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