This will contain a collection of VB (Visual Basic) Tutorials, from beginners to advanced userís, I have Included Good Descriptionís since i understand the code...

Basic - Beginners Allpurpose Symbolic Instruction Code
A lot of people use the basic language, but donít have an idea what it means, The answer is above, There are many variations to BASIC, The most popular by far is Visual Basic others include QBasic, Basic, DarkBasic and YaBasic they are just a few, but there are many more.

As it stands i am covering Visual Basic, if people show an interest then i may search and support one or two of the others, since they are not so popular, it will take a lot of my time to arrange.

Start Application with Windows
ThisTutorial shows you how to have your Application start with the machine so that when the user turned their PC on your program automatically loads up and is ready to use.

Finding Out the Operating System Info
This Tutorial shows you how to determine what version of windows the user is running i.e. Windows NT, 98 etc

Using the Registry (VB)
This Tutorial shows you how to use some basic registry functions in your application.

Using API for beginners (VB)
This has some basic API use, since API is a HUGE part of windows there are many many tutorials for beginners and you would be best to take all you can get, if you are going to attempt this are of programming.

Basic API Tutorial (VB)
This is more like a explanation and has some code an examples and it quite useful to have around.

How to use Winsock Part 1 & Part 2 (VB)
This shows you some very basic Winsock and Part 2 is a revised version of Part 1

Creating Controls at runtime (VB)
This shows you how to make controls and change control while the user is running the program.

Making an MSN Clone (VB)
This Tutorial will help with using Server Protocols, Winsock and show you how MSN Protocol works, the final thing this does is gives you a base to make a MSN Clone/Bot (Contains a VB Project)

Making a Yahoo Clone (VB)
This will do similer to above and teach you about Winsock, Yahoo Protocol and also give you a base for making a Yahoo Clone/Bot (Contains a VB Project)

API Programming in Visual Basic (VB)
This tutorial show you a little more of the Windows API in Visual Basic and helps you understand a little more.

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