I assume all of these will continue to work, even after Gesture Format 1.03 is introduced with i heard was goning to support more formats and stuff...

  • GenCom Gest Maker This in Kinda Cool Looking    By Mnus  287kb
  • Taliesin's Gest Maker SMALL gesture maker    By Taliesin  7kb
  • Prophecy Gest Maker Looks OK    By DarkLordOfDeath  89kb
  • Gest Man 1.0  10 Gest Pallettes    By Zi0n  163kb
  • Gesture Genie Prolly Best Gesture Maker    By ??  372kb
  • Gest Pal 1 & 2 Choose between 3or6 Pallete’s  26kb
  • Clarity 1.0 TBH Gest Manager  72kb
  • Big Dawgs  A Pretty Cool Gesture Maker    By ??  104kb
  • Botamp 1.0 Gesture Tool    By DarkLordOfDeath  45kb
  • Gest Compiler A gesture compiler    By ??  145kb
  • Pocket Compiler  A gesture Maker By ??  91kb
  • VP-Animator Gesture Animation Maker    By Genocide  256kb

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